Personalised, Expert Employment Law and HR Advice and Support.

We will safely guide you through today's maze of HR with our expert HR Advice and Support in West Midlands and across the UK.

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What we do

Based in the West Midlands, we provide tailored HR and UK Employment Law advice and support across England and Wales to suit the individual needs of our clients through our personal, approachable and professional manner.  

We bring a fresh perspective to your Company ensuring all your HR and Employment Law needs are met by providing you with the know-how and our support to ensure your Company has a structured system for your HR policies and processes that is fit for purpose and compliant with UK legislation. 

We can guide and support you in resolving employee relations case work, saving you time and helping you to get the best from your employees.

HR need not be a continuous, underlying concern, with our know-how, expertise and support we can restore order and navigate you to calmer waters to ensure both your business and employees' needs are met and that you are compliant with the law. 

Our Services

We can provide you with continuous support and expert guidance in HR and Employment Law processes, issues and projects through our HR and Employment Law Advice and Consultancy Package - which is tailored specifically to your needs.

Or if you only need assistance with a project we can offer you one-off support, for example, we can assist you with:

  • A data protection audit of your HR files and processes, along with guidance, to ensure your compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018 .
  • Employee Handbooks 
  • Complex Employee Relations Casework
  • Restructures and Redundancy
  • TUPE
  • HR Administration Projects and Documentation
  • HR Workshops for Managers